MovieShop 4.x Bug Alert

Here's a post to the DV mailing list made byClaus Boennhoff on 11/2/97:"

Hallo to all,I'd like to inform you about a mystery bug I foundin MS4.x which can not be fixed in an easy way.1) To avaid Reorg bugs and mystery rendering errors,   NEVER trimm a timelinenetry while you are in "Insert-Mode"2) Use the "Insert-Mode" as rare as possible. I can not   say what directly produces the error but it is always   in "Insert-Mode". So be careful. You can insert and remove   Scenes and Samples in easy way like:   ----------- ------------   |    1    | |     2    | --- here could follow anything you want.   ----------- ------------              ^              here place scene 3.   But avoid inserting/removing timelineentrys in complex buildings   like:   ----2---  ---3---  ---4----       -----1----               ----5----    --------------6---------------          ------7------                ^                never insert here3) The reorg has never failed if there was no timeline.   So my proposel:   a) record your source video   b) delete all unused material   c) do a reorg   d) go on with work.4) also there was no bug report for a reorg while   there was no rendering done.   So my proposel:   a) Create your Timeline   b) render what you want, but dont      record anything after the first rendering.   c) before reorg or record new video or audio,      make you whole timeline invalid.   d) do the reorg   e) go on with work.bye,      Claus/* Claus Boennhoff - *//*          MacroSystem Computer GmbH           *//*           Developer of MovieShop             *//*      All these are my private opinions       */

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