DraCo Software Compatibility Experiences

This page is quite simple: Submit your positive experiences with software used in your DraCo NLE computer. We know not all AmigaOSsoftware will work -- it doesn't all work in a native Amiga! Butsome programs certainly will work fine, and some will work as long as you heed some warnings. So please INCLUDE ANY WARNINGS!

This is NOT a moderated page, we'll just have to use the honorsystem for submissions. Please no profanity or other negativecommentary. Mentions of supporting software (such as "works onlywhen XYZ library is already installed) is essential, along with WWWor physical address sources for the software.Postings from unverifiable e-mail addresses are subject todeletion. If you submit something and later find it to bein error or misleading, please send a note to me at the feedback pageand let me know. I'll try to clean up any problems as I gettime. Note: links have NOT been checked for accuracy by page guardian.

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Please list the full name of the software package. Also, please detail any particular unusual procedures (other than just using a stock DraCo) and warnings that are needed to make it work:

Be SURE this is appropriate for this page. Otherwise E-mail Us!

Our DraCo Software Compatibility Experiences starting with the most recent submission:

Thursday, October 4 at 12:13 PM:
Dietmar from Denk.Dietmar@t-online.de wrote:
"Full Name of Software and Source:Samplitude 2496 V5.9"

Friday, April 6 at 12:37 PM:
Peter Fryza from p.fryza@aon.at wrote:
"Full Name of Software and Source: Samplitude 2496 V5.9"

Sunday, January 16 at 10:35 AM:
Rob from rbeverwijk@hetnet.nl wrote:
"Full Name of Software and Source:Ik zoek mede gebruikers van movieshop op eenDraCo of een Amiga om ervaringen uit tewissellen."

Sunday, May 23 at 04:12 PM:
Johan Otterstrom from info@videoking.nu wrote:
"Full Name of Software and Source:CybergraphX 4,1,Siamese 2.5 (Sisys 2,5).CGX haven't been thouroughly tested yet but it seems to run OK. Can even retarget the DraCo display to the networked PC (Ethernet), though no way to retarget MovieShop. Sieamese is easily worth the money for the ease of use!Used with Ariadne II, Miami (also works with the separately downloadable MNI driver for Ariadne II, from www.nordicglobal.com "

Thursday, February 4 at 05:34 PM:
Panicos Philotheou from panix@spidernet.com.cy wrote:
"Full Name of Software and Source:AHI sound-retargeting system/AminetProgram works fine by doing a small modification.After installing delete paula driver in devs and it should work fine"

Sunday, August 2 at 03:13 AM:
eddie d wrote:
Full Name of Software and Source:

Thursday, July 16 at 01:56 PM:
Glen Davies wrote:
Full Name of Software and Source:

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