DraCo Compatibility Experiences

This page is quite simple: Submit your positive experiences with hardware add-ons to your DraCo NLE computer. We know we can't expect every Zorro2 bus card to work, but some will, plus some Amiga-related"plug-in" (serial or parallel port) hardware will work.

This is NOT a moderated page, we'll just have to use the honorsystem for submissions. Please no profanity or other negativecommentary. Mentions of software needed to make the hardwarework would be greatly appreciated, along with WWW or physicaladdress sources.Postings from unverifiable e-mail addresses are subject todeletion. If you submit something and later find it to bein error or misleading, please send a note to me at our feedback page and let me know. I'll try to clean up any problems as I gettime.

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Please list the full name of the hardware & software to make it work. Also, please detail any particular unusual procedures or configurations (other than just using a stock DraCo) that are needed to make it work:

Be SURE this is appropriate for this page. Otherwise E-mail Us!

Our DraCo Compatibility Experiences starting with the most recent submission:

Wednesday, March 29 at 05:04 AM:
sven from prikk1@frusirf.no wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware:agfa+snapscan+1212u"

Wednesday, March 29 at 05:02 AM:
sven from prikk1@frusirf.no wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware:agfa snapscan 1212u"

Thursday, November 25 at 12:58 PM:
Anders Drejer from anders.drejer@image.dk wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware: HyperCOM4+Multi I/O board with 4 highspeed serial ports and 2 parallel ports"

Tuesday, August 31 at 12:58 PM:
steve lasky from prana@nets.com wrote:
"Hi,I have recently purchased Sony VX1000 DV camera (NTSC) and I'm planning to purchase a 060 CB w/ Firewireimmediately. My question is in regards to NTSC and PAL as it turns out ( all of a sudden ) I am moving to Australia(PAL)!Can I go ahead and purchase a NTSC Casablanca to go with my camera (already have) and edit then do a conversionfrom NTSC to PAL if it is to be broadcast in OZtralia? Will there be a loss in quality ?, can it be converted? , is therehardware available for me to convert myself that is affordable?, do you take it somewhere to be done? Does having aIEEE1394 Firewire set up negate this potential situation by being able to direct feed into Pal or NTSC formats? (Am Iway off????) Please enlighten me if you have constructive knowledge or experience to share.I would be very grateful,Thanks in advance,"Soon to be downunder"SteveFull Name of Hardware:"

Sunday, August 1 at 01:55 PM:
Anders Drejer from anders.drejer@image.dk wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware: Artec Viewstation AT3. SCSI scanner that workvery fast together with ArtecScan (shareware scannersoftware)"

Sunday, May 23 at 04:05 PM:
Johan Otterstrom from info@videoking.nu wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware:Ariadne II EthernetboardAriadne II really rocks! Highly recommended"

Tuesday, September 15 at 06:14 AM:
Emmanuel Farrugia from manny@movingmemories.com.au wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware: Commodore A2065 Ethernet Card, very stable with about 300k per/sec transfer using Miami & AmiFTP on the Draco & WarFTP on the PC. If you need the jumper settings for the A2065, email me. "

Saturday, August 15 at 02:23 AM:
Manfred Krueger from makrue@aol.com wrote:

Monday, July 20 at 08:58 AM:
Dinos Costanti from vavel@vavel.cy.net wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware: Hydra Ethernet did not work on any of the machines i tested it. It looks like its working until you try to copy anything bigger than 4k when it just freezes (verified on 2 machines on all the zorro slots with & without termination)."

Monday, July 20 at 08:51 AM:
Dinos Costanti from vavel@vavel.cy.net wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware:Epson Range of scanners works with the DraCo. I only tried Scanquix V3.8 which worked without any problems. "

Monday, July 20 at 08:44 AM:
Dinos Costanti from vavel@vavel.cy.net wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware:Connexion Ethernet Card works on the DraCo. I tested it on 2 different machines with out any problems (but i think it requires ROM V1.5) . Its really fast as well (600k/s - 800k/s). Its was tested with Amitcp, Miami and Envoy V2 all of which worked perfectly."

Monday, July 6 at 02:22 AM:
Johan Otterstrom from videoking@mbox200.swipnet.se wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware: Mustek Paragon 600 (budget SCSI flatbed scanner) did work with my DraCo when I tested it sometime ago. I used it with the ScanTek software, http://home.nuernberg.netsurf.de/wzoehner/scantek.html Did also use an Active external terminator. I've tested the Artec Viewstation 6000+ with ScanQuix and this did not work in DraCo. I'm very interested to hear some scanner success stories! "

Monday, July 6 at 02:17 AM:
Johan Otterstrom from videoking@mbox200.swipnet.se wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware:GVP I/O-extender did not work under any bootrom in my system."

Monday, July 6 at 02:15 AM:
Johan Otterstrom from videoking@mbox200.swipnet.se wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware:The I/O-board HyperCOM 3Z works in DraCo as I've been told by a VIDEOTEC memeber. When trying to order one I found out that production had been halted to find a hardware bug, that could freeze up the entire system. This card had 2 serial and one paralell and could be expanded to 4 serial and two paralell. The HyperCOM 4Z should also work as listed on the manufacturers site. It has 4 serial and no paralell. http://www.vmc.de/ Would love to see if anyone has tested the Catweazel board (MK2) in a DraCo. "

Saturday, July 4 at 11:44 AM:
Steve Braker from braker@wicip.org wrote:
"Full Name of Hardware: GVP I/OExtender (sp?) is a parallel and serial port expansion device which was AFAIK the only such card to work on DraCo, under bootrom 1.3 (re: Gordon). Unfortunately noone has reported being able to use it with dracobootrom 1.5 active. So I sold mine already... I would post positive Z2 bus experiences if I had any..."

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