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Here's a post to the DV mailing list made by Gordon Raboudthat pretty much answers the basic question, "What system will deliverwhat it promises?"

Date: 23 Jul 97 12:02:24 -0700From: Gordon Raboud <eagle@junctionnet.com>To: DV-L@dvcentral.org  The DraCo Vision turnkey D-NLE!  No one who has tried it has beendisappointed.  The video quality is excellent and of course better than or asgood as any system under $40,000.  (User selectable 4:1:1, 4:2:2, etc. withcompression selectable to 2:1)  There is no file size limit on the DraCo andit has been tested successfully with 23GB drives and RAID.  Only effects needto be rendered which means that assemble capture, editing and playback isinstantaneous.  Even the rendering of effects is about 50% faster than usingother systems in this price range that are based on the Pentium 200 Mhzprocessor!  Currently being tested is a render accelerator that willallow rendering of most effects in near-real time.  This will really speed upthe 1000+ possible layers of video, effects and audio per pass.  (AlthoughI've only had 20-30 layers stacked -- just how many PIP type effects do youreally need?  This also means that you only have ONE JPEG 'decompress /compress' routine even for 30 layers so that you do not end up withartifacting due to multiple passes.)  With full EDL support, batch digitizing and machine control for virtuallyall RS232, RS422 and 'firewire' decks, batch digitizing and using the DraCofor the 'Final Cut' will a snap.  In fact the 'firewire' decks can becontrolled through the same editing 'DraCo Wheel' allowing you to have jogshuttle control of the camera or deck as well as the timeline and scenes!Complete systems for around $18000 USD or $24750 Cdn.--Gordon RaboudUniSon ProductionsDraCo Vision/Casablanca DealerSherwood Park, Alberta Canada(403) 449-6657

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