June 1997 NLE Comparison Notes:

The following is a comparison by Michael Huebmer (e-mail: michael@art.at homepage: http://www.art.at/~michael -- more info below) that was sent to the VLM / DraCo / Casablanca Mailing List on June 23, 1997.

(Note: the illustrious developer of DraCoNet does not agree with every detail here, but overall the information appears quite accurate. Notes in brackets [like this] are added for clarity.)

My personal feeling when using and selling:

Perception with SpeedRazor 3.51 on Intergraph TDZ-410 Workstation
DraCo 060  with MovieShop 4.2 (no Problems when Updating from 3.6)
Casablanca V1.5 + FX Disk 1-4 & Font Disk 1-4 (arrived today!)
[Also Broadcaster Elite and Silicon Graphics]

In all Systems we use Seagate Barracuda 9 GB Hard disks for Demo-Use.
(Seagate Elite 23 AV Hard disk also tested (even Casablanca) - works fine in an external case)

+ for Perception & Speed Razor: (DPS Hollywood System the same, just needs some Cheetahs to work with D1 uncompressed signal)

+ for DraCo & MovieShop:
+ for Casablanca:
Broadcaster Elite no longer (never got two boards to run stable)

Silicon Graphics O2 has the most powerful Video- & Graphics Chips in this price range, but the Software is either too expensive (Jaleo) or not ready jet (Adobe Premiere, SpeedRazor SGI). Take a look at this Baby!

Final Notes:

# Perception is for professional use when you need BetaSP [component] I/Os
# DraCo is for semi-professional user where Y/C I/O is OK
The picture quality you see on a good monitor is quite the same.
[I assume by "semi-pro", Michael means, "non-component video output". To me (and many others), this does not constitute pro or non-pro, but simply the method of video tranfer to the tape decks. As he notes, quality is NOT compromised through the DraCo's Y/C or composite outputs.]
Handling is very individually felt.
# Casablanca is made [designed] for Home users
You can't tell the difference between master DV-tape and Casablanca edited DV via Y/C I/O.
The editing of longer projects is a bit difficult with the trackball-only solution [but a standard PC-type mouse and keyboard can also be used].

Hope this will help...

best wishes from Austria,
Michael Huebmer

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